Which Pro-life causes do you give to?

  • We have large goals, but our initial focus are the pregnancy support centers in the Wichita, KS area. 

Why is the top of my bag uneven?

  • We bag and vacuum seal all of our coffees as whole beans within days of roasting them. If you order "ground" coffee, we cut the top open, grind the coffee, and vacuum seal it again. This allows for the coffees to stay as fresh as possible.

Why are some of my bags puffy?

  • Fresh roasted coffee off-gasses CO2 for many days after roasting is complete. We vacuum seal our coffees soon after roasting to remove the oxygen, which preserves the coffee's freshness. Each different roast level off-gasses uniquely. All of our bags are vented, which allows this CO2 to escape without bursting the bag. One added bonus of this off-gassing is the free smells it offers as you press out the air in your bag!

How long will an unopened bag of coffee stay fresh?

  • Vacuum sealed coffee will stay fresh for 6-9 months. Whole bean coffee maintains freshness longer than ground coffee, but both will have a long shelf life!

Which roast is the best?

  • This is all a matter of opinion. Both coffee drinkers in the Meyer household prefer our coffee plain and black. We really enjoy the natural characteristics of the coffee. The Guadalupe Roast is our current favorite, but we would never hesitate to drink the Cana Roast (we like to describe the Cana Roast as a "House Roast" at a good coffee shop). Lindsey often goes for the pecan or vanilla for an afternoon pick-me-up. 

Which roast is next?

  • We've been thinking about a special roast that is both delicious and could be used for self-mortification. It will likely be available during the season of Lent! Our Lady of Sorrows, Pray for Us!