Fiat Coffee Blog and Video Series Topics

We want to offer a free Blog/Video Series/Podcast on various topics containing hard to find information that many married couples may struggle with. Using our 10 years of marriage, parenting four children, practicing NFP together, and Jordan's career as an OBGYN, we have come up with a variety of topics we wish to discuss!

Catholic Church’s Teaching on Contraception

The Menstrual Cycle

Contraceptive Methods

NFP Methods

Typical Use vs Perfect Use

The problem with each individual NFP method

Cervical Mucus, Peak Fertility, and Conception

Off label NFP - our NFP style

Lactation Amenorrhea and Postpartum NFP

NFP benefits your Marriage

Adolescent HPO immaturity

The Typical American Women – Journey through fertility


Honoring the Dignity of Women in Gynecology

The Effects of Premarital Sex

How often should you have a Well Woman Exam?

Irregular Periods

PCOS vs Hypogonadotropic Hypogonadism 




Prolife vs Prochoice Doctor

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